– Opening doors 4U –

GNP is well-established and well-connected in the Israeli marketplace, maintaining many door-opening work relationships within the country’s government, public, military and business sectors. Through this nationwide professional network our experts are able to find precisely the right clientele for both local and overseas customers, facilitating required procedures, and serving as effective mediators for mutually beneficial business interactions and transactions.

Based on these substantial capabilities, GNP now offers to open doors & Move Mountains 4U in the following high-potential sectors and institutions:



National level – Israel’s various government ministries – especially the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Transport & Road Safety and Ministry of National Infrastructures,

Energy & Water Resources – all looking for innovative technologies, products and solutions in their respective areas of responsibility.

Local Authorities & Municipalities – a vast market for effective solutions in many different areas: water, energy, transportation, construction, waste disposal, recycling, emergency facilities, administration and much more.


Public sector:

Water Authority – one of the world’s most advanced water agencies, always on the lookout for new technologies to maximize the utilization of water resources.

Hospitals – a modern medical system serving Israel’s population of 8 million, seeking innovative means to improve every aspect of its multi-layer services.

The Standards Institution of Israel – a key station in any process of importing products into Israel.



As senior veteran officers of the IDF, GNP’s leaders are well acquainted with decision-making ranks in many units of Israel’s large national army, as well as other homeland security agencies – all high-potential customers, with numerous needs in many different areas.



In 3 decades of intensive activity involving the execution of large-scale projects, the founders of GNP have worked and collaborated with numerous Israeli companies in a vast range of industries. This extensive network is now a great pool of opportunities for GNP customers.